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The other day I was reading a blog. Somewhere in this blog the author wrote, “The voice of God thunders.” They were saying that sometimes we try too hard to find this still place to hear God and forget to look for Him everywhere else.  I can’t remember which blog it was or who said it, but I wish I could! Anyway, this statement has been resonating with me for a few days now.

“The voice of God thunders.”

It’s speaking to my heart right where I need it right now. You see, I’ve always been afraid I will somehow miss God. I think, “What if there’s this really important thing I’m supposed to do that would change everything and I just miss it?” And though He has been easing this fear as time goes on, it’s still been there.Because sometimes I do miss God, and realize it after I’m away from whatever situation I was in. Maybe these misses were a big deal. Or maybe it was God’s way of teaching me to hear the thunder and recognize it for what it is.  So I was thinking about this statement, which of course lead me to think about thunder. And I realized thunder doesn’t often just sound like one big noise. It sounds like one big noise followed by more big noises and they eventually quiet down. Especially during a really good storm where you get some good rolling thunder (THE BEST!). In other words, there’s the initial noise and then a bunch of echoes.

So here’s what He made me realize. He speaks repeatedly. Just like thunder, He speaks, and then He repeats Himself to us and He speaks again. And if you’re paying attention, you’ll hear it. Just like how sometimes thunder sounds like it’s coming from every direction instead of just one, you’ll hear Him say things to you in several ways. And then it all comes together and you start to realize, “Wait! God’s got a theme going on here!” And then you don’t miss God. Because He’s gone out of His way to make Himself and His will known to you.

And then when the type of “thunder” comes where it’s a quick lightning bolt with one loud crash, or maybe even a quieter one, you’ll recognize it. And you won’t miss God.  You’ll even learn to recognize when the thunder is coming. You’ll be able to feel it in the air. And even if you missed Him on something before, you’re being trained to hear the thunder when it’s still a long way off. And when the time comes to put what He’s speaking into action, you’ll know.


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