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He Is Enough

“He just walked in the door and handed you the gift you didn’t know you needed and now you can’t imagine life without it. There’s no time to wonder about what else He could have given you. It’s irrelevant. And because it’s irrelevant, it is also spectacular.”- Angie Smith

We can spend a lot of time in ‘the grass is always greener’ zone. But I’ve learned something. I always ask Jesus to show me what is THE BEST option, and I walk in it when He tells me to. If I ever have thoughts of missing out, I remind myself that He has answered my prayer. So like this quote says, the other options are irrelevant. The other option may have been good, but not as good as where I am right now. I COULD be doing this or that, but it wouldn’t be as satisfying as where I am right now. I can never make a wrong choice if I’m obeying and listening to Jesus. He will always give me the best option to go on. And He can work out all my wrong choices so I end up back on the best option if I continue to surrender my heart to Him (although this is usually a lot harder than it would’ve been had I listened to Him the first time!).

I look back on my life and I am in such a completely different place than I EVER thought I would be. I think of the things I COULD be doing. But my life is so rich, so deep, and so full, I know He’s blessed me. I know it’s the best. I don’t regret any ‘sacrifice’ He had me make, because it was worth it. And I know if I continue to walk in this same way with Him, no matter what way life goes, it will be worth it.

He is it. He is my choice. He is my satisfaction. He is my everything. Everything else- what might have been, what I think I want- is irrelevant.


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