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Sci-Fi Jesus

I was reading a book the other day, and in it was a girl who just found out her dad was a king. Not only was he a king, but he was a king of a group of people who had special abilities to move through time and space. This girl was sad, because she was only an adopted daughter, and although she was accepted by this group as the daughter of the king, she could never fully be a part, she could never have these abilities because it wasn’t in her nature to have them. I’m actually not sure what happens next, but I know things were looking up. There was a glimmer of hope in something the king, her father said that made it look like he could somehow impart this ability to her at some point.

And it hit me. This is exactly like Jesus. A lot of times I live like an adopted daughter with no rights instead of an adopted daughter with every right of a biological daughter- a daughter with the same nature as her Father. When we meet with Jesus, He imparts HIS nature to us- we can heal the sick. We can raise the dead. We can be whole. We no longer have a human nature. We are in fact,  aliens in this world( 1 Peter 2:11). We look, on the outside, like we belong here, but the truth is, we don’t. And we can use this nature to heal and to help; to make things right that were all messed up.

Another portion of this same book talked about how, once this nature was activated in someone, they could never live a normal life again. They would be committed to the cause of this group. And those who tried to live a normal life ended up deformed, bitter, and extremely unhappy. I think that’s why so many believers are unhappy- a lot of us aren’t living out of our new nature. We’re trying to live normal lives when we aren’t made to anymore. We’re ruined for the ordinary. We’re made to live out of a supernatural nature, to live as royalty, and living any other way just isn’t cutting it anymore.


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