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“We don’t need to be afraid to go anywhere in this world, because the worst that could happen is we might be killed.” -David Platt


Things around here have felt a little scary lately. Between health problems and, oh, I don’t know, the whole world falling apart, it’s been a little weird. Through many natural disasters and many government threats over the past few months, I’ve been reminded that life with Jesus wasn’t created to be comfortable. I started getting fearful for the future, and especially for my family.

Then, through several things, God reminded me I needed a different perspective. Things aren’t about the here and now and they most certainly are not about my family (although God loves us a ridiculous amount). It hurts God when people hurt. It pains Him to see people go through suffering.

But when we get out of a particular moment or event and allow ourselves to see the view Jesus has, it’s different. Every disaster is an opportunity. God will turn every heartache into glory and will right every temporary wrong. Every battle we have fought has only poured into a bigger picture of victory and grace.

We can’t avoid pain. Especially if you’re a believer. And when we keep our eyes fixed on the now, and our circumstances, and when we fear the future (and in turn grasp tighter to what we have), we have our eyes fixed on the things of man, not on God.

But when we realize that these moments, and especially that which we hold dear, don’t belong to us anymore, but they belong to someone who loves us more than we could ever possibly imagine, then it’s okay. We can rest in the fact that even if the worst does happen, it’ll only be for a moment. God’s love is stronger than suffering, and stronger than death. His suffering and death, and His love being stronger than those things has, in fact, already saved us. And we see that every heartache and every battle and every loss was worth it. So we walk in His footsteps no matter what the cost. We can walk in them unafraid because pain and death are only temporary.

God will take care of my family because He loves us. He will take care of your family because He loves you. This isn’t a “love” like we see in Hollywood or even in a lot of our own life. This is love that’s stronger than the grave and it’s willing to go there for you- and it has. And it killed that grave for you.

So don’t be afraid. You have nothing to lose.


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